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‘Known unknowns’

the barrister life style March 13, 2017 Art and Antiques No Comments on ‘Known unknowns’

 I recently had lunch with one of the team tasked with making Brexit work.

Tight-lipped and professional as she rightly was on the subject, it was still a fascinating conversation about the theories, challenges and possibilities of this historic event.

And here’s the thing.

For all the brainpower and manpower being devoted to Brexit, the greatest truism is that it remains one big ‘known unknown.’

And that’s what markets hate; unknowns.

We may have recovered from the market drop after the referendum result last June, but that was one clear event and just the vote, the tumbling pebble that has started the potential avalanche.

Now as we work through the tortuous unravelling and ‘re-ravelling’ process, we are faced with a series of uncertainties.

– What if Brexit negotiations go badly?

– What will actually be the effect when Brexit happens – and when will that be?

– What happens if our non-EU partners hold back because they liked Britain as a stepping-stone into the single market and are now in doubt?


Some of my friends and contacts at UK Trade & Industry across the world are already muttering about friendly nations playing it polite but cool, preferring to watch and wait.

And if this rumbling uncertainty drifts on, the markets and Sterling could be affected again.

Or, of course – it could all work out brilliantly for Britain!

And that’s the point, nobody knows.

So the big question is, are you protected enough?

Can your investment portfolio ride out a prolonged period of uncertainty?  Is it balanced and flexible enough to take advantage of an upswing, but keep a core holding firm for the longer term?

Could investing in history, in rare, heritage assets like stamps and coins the answer?

Maybe… maybe not.  As with any investment, there are no guarantees and a lot depends on your timing, the length of your hold and the state of the market when you come to exit.

But when it comes to ‘known knowns’ (as it were), at Stanley Gibbons, we know what’s real, what’s authentic, what’s rare and what potentially resonates with collectors and other more cultured investors.  These are the sorts of mini treasures that have the potential to be ‘quiet wealth’, long-term, buy and hold investments.

We specialise in tangible assets, little slices of history, that are uncorrelated, tangible and woven into heritage.  So you get pride of ownership as well as portfolio diversification and the potential to grow your capital.

Many of these assets have already stood the test of time and successfully lived through two world wars, the hyper-inflation of the 1970s and at least a couple of Black Swan market crashes.  And if you track their catalogue prices through those times of crisis, many of these so called ‘luxury assets’ showed stability and even growth.

So, if it’s right for your investment strategy, it might be worth taking a look at holding a piece or two of history alongside your stocks, bonds, ISAs, IRAs and the like.

And as the market leaders in this space, we’re on hand to help if you need – just click or tap here for a free guide to Luxury Assets.

Or email with ‘Barrister’ in the headline to get your free copy.

For the first five genuine enquiries about investing, I shall send out a US ‘silver Morgan dollar,’ with your portfolio paperwork.  It’s one of those little slices of history from 1878-1904, like the one pictured.

They’re worth around £100 depending on their grading and they’re very much part of the ‘Wild West’ history of the US.

Let’s hope that post-Brexit it never costs £100 to buy a dollar, whatever comes our way!

Just email with ‘Barrister’ in the headline, or click or tap here.

With best wishes,


Keith Heddle

Managing Director



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