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The Legal Lifetime Journey – the impact on family financial planning

How can financial planning help my career? Financial Planning allows you to maximise the opportunities presented by the various stages of your career and make use of the financial levers through these important transitions; leaving you free to focus on [...]

February 25, 2019 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

WoodHill is an independent asset management boutique that provides a unique alternative to traditional equity and absolute return investing.

There has almost never been a time when the investment landscape is as complex as it is today. Market valuations are high after a long and sustained bull market, private and national debt at unprecedented levels, and interest rates are [...]

December 13, 2018 Personal Finance & Wealth Management


Private company investments are not readily realisable. Capital invested will be at risk and there is no guarantee of any return. As a high net worth or sophisticated investor, you will be aware of the importance of actively managing your [...]

October 26, 2018 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Is Cash Still King?

  Our clients are hugely diverse; they have different goals, different timeframes and different approaches to managing their capital. But there are some fundamentals which are true for all, and one of these is the need for liquidity, or more [...]

April 6, 2018 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Flexibility makes a winning case for barristers

Alastair Hazell, Banking Director at Hampden & Co, discusses how Hampden & Co’s understanding of barristers’ unique circumstances means they can provide flexible solutions. As barristers progress through their careers they typically take on larger and longer cases with higher [...]

February 14, 2018 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion

Though occasionally dismissed as a collector’s hobby, gold and silver bullion have been the investment of choice for wealthy individuals, governments and organisations for thousands of years. The value of precious metals has transcended fashion, market trends and even economic [...]

June 13, 2016 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Should you consider investing in private companies?

At Rockpool they believe the answer to this is yes as private company investing sets you free from the “same old” round of main market shares. It offers a real alternative and can be very tax-efficient. However, of course, it [...]

February 9, 2016 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Financial Considerations of Barristers’ Incorporation

From the start of 2015, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has been accepting applications from legal firms wanting to change their status. Those applications, which have primarily been from those who want to set up BSB-regulated businesses – or entities [...]

September 27, 2015 Personal Finance & Wealth Management

OCM Wealth Management

“It is a single point of contact, multi disciplined service proposition that utilises modern technology to bring together independent whole of market financial solutions with dynamic whole of market asset management, with a tax strategy to deliver a clients strategised [...]

January 29, 2014 Independent Financial Advice, Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Welcome to Saunderson House

We are a chartered firm of independent financial advisers with the specialism, world class quality and technical expertise to fully satisfy the financial planning and investment needs of private clients. Our single focus is on protecting our clients’ capital and on growing it to the extent that it [...]

December 1, 2013 Independent Financial Advice, Personal Finance & Wealth Management