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Is My Pension Covered By The FSCS?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this one. It depends on what kind of pension you have. Why is it so complicated? For many people, intuitively pensions are investments; so one might expect them to be covered under FSCS [...]

June 22, 2016 Independent Financial Advice

How to reduce your tax bill using investments

  The obvious route is to use pensions. You can put up to £40,000 in the current year into pensions and get tax relief at your highest marginal rate. You can also go back to the previous 3 years and [...]

June 17, 2016 Independent Financial Advice

Barristers’ Tax Saving Tips

    The way that barristers are taxed seems to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue but, in reality, the same general rules apply to them as any other self-employed person.  The paramount point is to make sure you keep [...]

February 29, 2016 Independent Financial Advice

Why Barristers Should Seek Professional Assistance With Cashflow Management

  Poor cashflow management is one of the greatest problems for any business, but it is especially concerning for barristers, particularly in the light of cuts to legal aid earnings. This is where assistance from a specialist accounting, tax and [...]

November 16, 2015 Independent Financial Advice

Ward Wilson Affiliates is pleased to offering Barristers a Tailored annual multi-trip travel insurance.

   Whether it’s booking that long awaited summer getaway or a ski-trip in the Alps, travel insurance should always be on the top of the check list next to passports and foreign currency!  Ward Wilson Affiliates’ (WWA) staff have been [...]

October 28, 2015 Independent Financial Advice, Travel and Leisure

Pension Reforms could see Divorcees lose Benefits

The Pension Flexibility 2015 reforms have been active since the 6th April 2015, and look to create a greater degree of autonomy and flexibility in the way people over the age of 55 can access and move their pension pots. [...]

October 12, 2015 Independent Financial Advice

Don’t pay more than your fair share of tax

  Mr Osborne is working hard to close down tax loopholes. There are still many legitimate and socially acceptable ways of reducing tax.  Barristers who have significantly fluctuating incomes are at greater risk of paying more tax than needed.  It’s [...]

September 9, 2015 Independent Financial Advice

‘Tax-free’ investing?

Tax is just one of those unfortunate facts of life. Working hard and earning a respectable living brings income tax and National Insurance liabilities. Putting some money aside for the future brings income tax and/or capital gains tax on your [...]

August 17, 2015 Independent Financial Advice

July 2015 Budget – summary

In the 2015 Summer Budget delivered on the 8th July 2015, the Chancellor George Osborne announced the following key tax measures;   Corporation tax rate to be cut to 19% by 2017 and to 18% by 2020 in a bid [...]

July 9, 2015 Independent Financial Advice

Pension reforms coming in April 2015 could offer more opportunities for barristers to reduce their tax bill

Many people are wary of pensions, believing they are poor value and also not wanting their money to be “locked away” rather than free for them to access whenever they want it. When you want to get it out you [...]

March 2, 2015 Independent Financial Advice